In memory of Stuart Edwards

Spectrum Singers' founder and original musical director

The choir is very much a legacy of Stuart’s two musical passions: he was a church organist and choirmaster, so we’re a chamber choir performing sacred music at one end of the spectrum; but he’d also enjoyed past success with his own barbershop quartet ‘Four in a Chord’, so alongside the Great British choral tradition, we sing close-harmony, doo-wap style pop songs.

Stuart hand-picked many of our singers and we have carried on singing the beautiful arrangements of familiar tunes that Stuart gave us, which were always such a joy to those who heard them.

Without his musical direction, the first time we tried to sing ‘And So It Goes’, which already had a reputation among the choir for making us cry, we barely managed to get to the last bar…

Seven years on, we hope he would be proud of the choir that he created.