Suzanne Jones


Day job Business manager

Aspires to sound like Andrea Haines

Choral highlight Meeting his blondness Eric Whitacre backstage at St David's Hall.

Random fact I've sung backing vocals in a band with Adele's granny...

Favourite Spectrum piece Pearsall's 'Lay a Garland' never fails to send tingles down my spine!

Emily Scaglioni


Day job Music teacher

Aspires to sound like Eva Cassidy

Choral highlight Conducting a delightfully enthusiastic junior choir in Manchester.

Random fact I founded and led a Ukulele Society at York University for two years.

Favourite Spectrum piece 'Song of the Dawn' from the 1930s' film King of Jazz.

Jess Davies


Day job Arts psychotherapist/ Probation officer

Aspires to sound like Kate Bush

Choral highlight Singing Christmas carols in winter sunshine at Dyffryn with Spectrum, after a 2-year Covid silence...

Random fact I was an extra in a Bollywood movie called Tere bin Laden 2: Dead or Alive

Favourite Spectrum piece I love doing 'Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town', because I usually get totally lost and enjoy the chase of trying to keep up!


Helen Turner


Day job HM Inspector of Health and Safety

Aspires to sound like Katherine Jenkins

Choral highlight Being in the visiting choir at Chester Cathedral for a week. Sleep, sing, repeat: bliss.

Random fact I have performed with Hinge and Bracket at the Wimbledon Theatre.

Favourite Spectrum piece 'Northern Lights' by Ola Gjeilo. At last, a composer who likes altos!

Shelagh Greenland


Day job RNLI fundraiser. Retired teacher of the deaf

Aspires to sound like Kathleen Ferrier

Choral highlight Singing evensong in Tewkesbury Abbey.

Random fact I played Queen Eleanor giving birth to Edward, first Prince of Wales, while 9 months pregnant. The large bump was still there after the recording; fortunately it was BBC radio!

Favourite Spectrum piece I enjoy most of the music; there are just a few I'd rather send to Room 101!

Julia Nasrallah


Day job English teacher

Aspires to sound like Norah Jones

Choral highlight Singing Brahms' Requiem in the University of Beirut's Assembly Hall.

Random fact When studying in Utah, USA, I was part of the only all- women crew-racing yachts on Salt Lake.

Favourite Spectrum piece I mainly love the variety of secular and religious pieces, which keeps things interesting.

Lucy Woodhall


Day job Account Manager for Conker Distillery and Volunteer Support Worker for Cruse

Aspires to sound like Etta James

Choral highlight Singing 'Silent Night' live for the first time as the alto in a three-part harmony trio, it definitely planted the seed that led me to joining Spectrum Singers.

Random fact I have 4 daughters, 2 cats, 1 tortoise, 1 snake, 1 lizard, 1 hamster and 2 fish.

Favourite Spectrum piece 'My Lord has Come' is just so beautiful, it's lovely to be a part of that gorgeous sound!


George Speed


Day job Bus driver

Aspires to sound like Any proper tenor, preferably a Welsh one! (I'm Scottish.)

Choral highlight Singing in St Davids' Praise at St David's Hall with Cambrensis choir and orchestra.

Random fact I've played the organ in Westminster Abbey (very loudly!).

Favourite Spectrum piece 'Christmas Medley' and any Swingle-style arrangements of Bach and Handel.

Benjamin Gait


Day job Composer/Local Authority Officer

Aspires to sound like Scott Walker

Choral highlight Playing first horn in a performance of Elgar's 'Dream of Gerontius'.

Random fact I own roughly 50 Miles Davis albums.

Favourite Spectrum piece 'Clew Ein Llef'.


David Bacon


Day job Policy and project development for Welsh refugee sector

Aspires to sound like Elvis Presley

Choral highlight The first time I saw Mozart's 'Magic Flute' was incredible; it made my spine tingle!

Random fact I partnered the King of Lesotho in a tennis doubles match in the 1970s...

Favourite Spectrum piece The melodic, slower ones (because I can sing them!) especially 'Ave Verum' by Saint Saens.

Carsten Muller


Day job Researcher and lecturer, University of Cardiff

Aspires to sound like Ivan Rebroff

Choral highlight Performing 'Carmina Burana' with Cardiff University Choir and Orchestra in St David’s Hall, 1996.

Random fact I steered a 45m merchant vessel through Kiel canal aged 17.

Favourite Spectrum piece

One of my favourites is 'Pokarekare', the harmonic equivalent of strawberries and cream...